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Do you have a persistent rodent infestation? Rodents, such as rats and mice, can damage your property and electrical wires by nesting. If there are any signs of a rodent infestation, it is critical that you move swiftly to locate a remedy.

You do not want them around. That is for sure.

Do you know rodents like rats and mice require an opening no larger than 1/4 inch in diameter to enter a home? This means that cracks and crevices around windows and doors give them easy access.

They’re most likely seeking for food or destroying supplies in dark areas. Pezz Pest Control is well-versed in the troubles that these creatures can cause.

Rodents wreak millions of dollars in property damage each year. Rodents can cause significant damage to your home. Rodents have sharp teeth that can gnaw through wood. Diseases can be transmitted by rodents. Rodents are infamous for contaminating food and emitting nasty odors. Rodents do not hibernate and prefer to live, breed, and consume in warm environments. It’s critical to catch an infestation early on in order to prevent it from spreading. We will evaluate your property for rodent access ways and devise a strategy to keep them from returning.

Risks to Your & Your Family Health

Mice can easily enter homes through small holes due to their ability to collapse and their tiny size. Mice can scale walls and climb trees, crawl over wires, and wade through pipes. They also chew through exterior siding and flooring, as well as window seals and doors. They will build nests within your walls and stay there until the night when they go out looking for food.

You should be concerned not just about the damages they inflict, but also about the contamination of food supplies with saliva, bodily waste, and fur. Any tainted food should be thrown away right away. Bacteria that can cause serious, often fatal infections like salmonella or hantavirus can be found in contaminated foods. Rodents may readily eat through plastic and cardboard, therefore food should be kept in glass containers or metal tins. The protection of your family is crucial. Any products that show signs of tampering or are near mouse droppings must be discarded. It’s also a good idea to disinfect the kitchen and pantry. Fleas can be spread by rodents as well.

Keeping your home rodent-free is possible

Imagine being free of all aggravation, anxiety, and stress in your daily life. Consider a life free of rodents, particularly rats.

To get rid of rodents in your business or house, you’ll need to do two actions. You must first get rid of any rodents that have taken up residence in your property. You may also need to take steps to keep new rodents or mice out of your home. As rodents enter your property, you may find yourself trapped and baited. Prevention is just as important as treatment when it comes to keeping your property rodent-free. Pest control businesses are frequently just interested in eliminating current rodents and provide little assistance in preventing new rodents or mice from entering. Pezz Pest Control offers skilled rodent control services for both minor and large-scale infestations.

We can assist you if unwanted guests are causing problems. Rodents are able to squeeze through any opening larger than 1/4 inch. This allows them access to homes through crevices and cracks. They are most likely to build nests in crawlspaces and walls, as well as boxes and crates found around homes. These pests can chew on wires, causing damage to the home’s structure and furnishings. Pezz Pest Control understands the dangers rodents can pose to your home. We offer rodent control solutions that will eliminate rodent activity as well as prevent further problems. We are here to help protect you and your family from any pests.

We will inspect the exterior and interior of every property we service for rats or mice. We may recommend rodent proofing or other preventative measures based on our inspection. Sometimes, we can solve the problem by installing a better or newer door sweep. For rodent holes, you can use concrete and hardware cloth to repair the entryways. Our in-house technicians are capable of managing larger rodent proofing projects. Our team has a lot of experience in rodent proofing.

Pezz Pest Control Pest Control is well aware that rodents can be a nuisance to homeowners and cause damage to the insulation of homes. They also pose a threat to the health and safety of guests and fam

Rats and mice are frequently misidentified by homeowners, and this failure to distinguish them can lead to ineffective DIY or self-removal procedures. There are several traps available for getting rid of rats and mice, but they only work for one person. Rats are adept at avoiding unidentified objects. When cornered, rats will bite and claw or even bite to avoid being trapped. A caught live rat must now be safely disposed of or relocated. It’s difficult to catch just one rat, but there are hundreds of them hiding in your basement, attic, or walls. Setting out bait is not a good idea. Rats may die in your home, walls, or air ducts since poisons take a long time to work. Baits are also very dangerous for children and pets in the home.

Rodents in different types

In terms of causing the most severe and costly damage to buildings, rodents rank second only behind termites. Rodents are unscrupulous chewers that can munch at support beams and floorboards as well as plastic, wood, clay, cloth, and wires. They also can damage siding and pipes.

The following are the most typical rodent infestation problems:

You will have to make a safe area for rats in your backyard if you want them to stay away.

You can do this by strengthening your fencing or gating to make it ratproof. You will be able to keep the rats out of your backyard and back staircases.

We can remove nesting problems by fumigating and/or using rodenticides. We offer a 3- or 6-month guarantee, depending on whether we have conducted the extermination.
You might have rats that are evicted from the sewer. You must first address the problem before you can offer rodent or rat removal services.
Deer Mice

Deer mice enjoy wooded areas as their preferred environment. Infestations commonly start in the winter, when animals are trying to escape the cold. It is possible to develop an infestation even if there are no people around. Despite their resemblance to house mice, they are about the same size as deer mice. They have darker ears and eyes than the others, as well as a white chest, giving them a deer-like look. They are active all year and have the ability to store nuts, seeds, and berries for the winter. Deer mice can penetrate homes, sheds, and garages during the winter months, despite their preference for woods and shrubby environments. They wreak havoc on furniture and food supplies as well. This botheration can be taken care of by us!

House Mice
It's not unusual for house mice to penetrate at any moment. Mice may breed 24 hours a day and have litters of 5 to 15 pups. They can create colonies of 30, 50, or even hundreds of individuals in a few of months. Mice have no place in a business or a home. Mice prefer to build their nests within 10-15 feet of food sources, which may be in your kitchen. Their urine and feces will have an impact on your household. By constructing nests, they can cause damage to clothing, furniture, and other stored items. This rodent is linked to a variety of diseases.
Moles, which aren't rodents at all, are actually relatives of insectivores like shrews or hedgehogs. Moles dig intricate underground tunnels to find food in open areas such as lawns and meadow streams banks. Moles eat earthworms and larvae. Moles can be seen only from the ground and are approximately 4-9 inches in length, including their tail. They have long dark grey or brown fur. They are small and resemble a pinhead. Their tail and feet are often pink. Their ears are not visible. They make tunnels and sometimes cause damage to plants. However, the main problem with moles is the mounds or ridges they leave behind that ruin lawn. Moles can dig up surfaces at a rate of one foot per hour. Moles can do a lot to your garden, yard, sports field, and landscape. Moles are difficult to trap and remove. Baiting moles is not an effective method because they feed off earthworms, larvae, and other insects. Pezz Pest Control is available to assist you if there are signs of mole borrowing, damage like dirt underpasses and breaking grass.
Rats' nighttime habits can go unnoticed for a long time before the problem gets serious. If one arrives, it is fair to presume that mice and rats are plentiful. The most visible indicators of rats are droppings and clawing on walls. Many building materials, such as bricks, bricks, aluminum siding, and adobe, can be ground down by rats. Rats are frequently found near people, where they eat the food that has been left over. Diseases are spread by rats by their urine, bites, scratches, and droppings. Rats can spread diseases including rat-bite fever and leptospirosis, posing a health risk to the general public.
Norway Rat
The most commonly found species in St Louis are Norway rats and the common house mouse. Norway rats are approximately 7 to 9 1/2 inches in length, with brown eyes and ears that are smaller than their bodies. These rats are sometimes called street or sewer rats. These rats are more common in lower-level buildings and larger than other species. Because they are both ground and tree, they can dig into or climb inside your house.
Roof Rat
They are smaller than other roof rats, measuring between 6 and 8 inches in length. Ship rats and black rats are two more names for these rats. They can produce litters of five to ten pups every day in as little as three months. Rats are larger and more disease-carrying than mice. They are black in hue and can ascend to great heights. They prefer to seek out lofty spaces such as cabinets, ceilings, and attics because they prefer warmer weather. The average lifespan of a rat is 1 to 1.5 years, with the majority of them living no longer than a year.
Chipmunks are sometimes confused with 13-lined squirrels, however, they are about half or one-third of the size of ground squirrels. The burrows of chipmunks are often 30 to 40 feet long. The chipmunks are active most of the year, but they also overwinter in their burrows from fall to spring. Chipmunks consume seeds, nuts, and grains as well as fruits and insects every day. Because they dig dirt and can cause damage to your patio or garage slab, you could be in danger. If you find these animals around your house, an inspector will come to inspect them and set up trapping or management programs that day.
Ground squirrels
Ground squirrels, such as the 13-lined ground squirrel, can cause problems in gardens, foundations, and golf courses. They can be distinguished from tree squirrels by their shorter, bushier tails. They are also underground dwellers. Seeds, roots, and fruits, as well as insects and green foliage, are all eaten by them. It's possible that they'll dig up your recently planted seeds. Like chipmunks, they can cause damage to patios, sidewalks, and garage slabs. If you have a problem with ground squirrels, we may inspect your home.
Grey squirrel is perhaps the most well-known home invader. The flying squirrel and the pine squirrel are also common home invaders. Squirrels belong to the rodent family. They are fast to chew through wires and gnaw on walls to get in. This can lead to house fires. Pezz Pest Control can remove squirrels from your home by calling them today.

There are times when DIY may not be the best option.

The presence of live and dead rats in your home is the most evident symptom of an infestation. Your floorboards, baseboards, and exterior nests in your trees or woodpile may have grease or filth stains. Multiple access ways to your home would be discovered during an inspection, as well as traces of nibbling damage. At night, you’ll hear hustling and creaking in your walls, as well as mounds of feces. These warning indicators are concerning and must be taken seriously.

Pezz Pest Control has been serving the St Charles community for many years as a rodent control firm. If you have a rodent problem in your home or office, we can help. We’ll figure out the best way to solve your problem.

A trained professional can handle the problem much faster and is safer.