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Are you being affected by ants in your home or business?

As a business or residential property owner, you’ve probably had to deal with ants a time or two before. They may be walking along a counter or forming trails near windows.

You are not alone in having ants invading your property. Pezz Pest Control will save you time and money by not wasting on ineffective procedures.

Ants can live in a variety of locations, including homes, offices, and warehouses. The colony they are nesting in might not even be close to your company or house. In certain circumstances, it may be quite a distance away.

Property owners often find that the ants just come right back when attempting to control ants in their properties on their own. Complex systems of ant colonies can be governed by one queen, which sends thousands of workers to collect food and other supplies. They can grow quite large, and they are sometimes well-hidden.

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Ant Infestations: Symptoms and Signs

Ants are the bane of existence for many households. They are the most common pest as well. Unfortunately, without the help of an exterminator, ants are the most difficult pest to exterminate. Everybody notices ants now and then, but how can you know whether you’re dealing with a severe issue? Ants leave trails and nests on wood, as well as wood shavings, to indicate an infestation.

As soon as you find ants within your home, you should contact an ant exterminator. Pezz Pest Control can help you avoid having a full blown ant infestation on your property. 

Pezz Pest Control can assist you in identifying ant infestation indications in your home or business. Ants, for example, may be found in the bathroom as a result of moisture or toothpaste sugar.

Ants can devour practically any food, which is bad news. Some ants are capable of making their homes in your home. It can be difficult to identify these nests without the help of an expert. They can even be tucked away behind a wall.

Eliminating ants from the areas you see them most often does not address their queens. The queens will continue to produce even if there are fewer worker ants. The Queen is our target.

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Ant Problems: How to Identify Them

You can tell whether you have an infestation of ants by a variety of methods. Even if you only see a handful of ants, it could be a sign that there are many more.

Many ants create a trail of scent that leads to food resources. This helps other members of the colony find it. An infestation is likely underway when you see ants in a path. 

Ant Nests are often concealed from sight and hidden well. Most ant nests will fall into the 3 major groups of soil nesting, wood nesting, or opportunistic nesters.  

From their destructive ways, Carpenter Ants will make piles of wood shavings from the bits and pieces of small wood created during the construction of their nest.  

Ants will often leave dirt in small heaps around their soil nests.  

Is Your Ant Problem Really An Infestation?

If you encounter a few ants, you’ll probably spray them with insecticide. When you notice a few, how do you know whether there’s an infestation? You need to be aware of potential issues. While ants are not as dangerous as other pests such as mosquitoes or flies, they can spread bacteria wherever they go. Ants rarely bite, but some of them can sting. Carpenter ants are well-known for their destructive wood-boring behavior. Ants, in general, do not pose a significant hazard to your overall health. If you notice evidence of ants, you should seek quick assistance from an ant control expert. 

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Ant Control St Charles
St Charles Ant Control

Ant Removal Services

Locating ant nests is the first step to getting rid of them. Our ant exterminators know that they can find nests in soil, but also under rocks and plants. Ants will often seek shelter from hot, dry, or wet weather by entering buildings to find food, water, warmth, and shelter. They may suddenly appear inside buildings if food is scarce or the weather changes.

Eliminate Ants from Your Home

To get rid of ant infestations, you must address both the cause and the symptoms. Do-it-yourself and novice exterminators frequently ignore this. You can find yourself paying more for services while still having ant trails throughout your house. Pezz Pest Control, a local ant control company in St Charles, has the experience, understanding, and abilities to locate colonies, eliminate them, and prevent future infestations.

Finding the ant colonies isn’t enough. You’ll also need to figure out what kind of ant you’re dealing with. To efficiently remove ants in your business or home, our ant experts must first identify the species. 

After our Ant Control professionals have identified the ants in your St Charles house and removed their colony, they will be able to recommend some simple ways to prevent future infestations.

It is crucial to identify the species in order to determine whether traps or sprays are necessary for their elimination. There are over 450 types of ants in the United States, however, only 10 species of these ants are most likely to be found in St. Charles MO, and surrounding areas.

Missouri is home to a variety of ants, including black ants, sugar ants, and pavement ants. Ants, like bees, termites, and other social insects, live in colonies that are tended by worker ants and contain a queen ant. It is possible to control this problem by detecting and exterminating the Queen.

Scout ants seek to discover new sources of food, which is what draws them to your home. They leave scent trails that other ants can follow as they travel. Which area is best for a given type of ant will be determined by that type of ant. They may look for a suitable location to construct their nests indoors or outdoor.

Ants are sometimes attracted to nest locations that offer good ant habitats, but they can also be harmful to people. These ants can hide in places that are difficult to reach or inaccessible, such as inside walls or cracks in the patio, driveway, or floor. These are the most common reasons for nesting in and around your home. 

If you find ants in your house, chances are that they are still present even after you get rid of them. Some colonies have more than 5 million ants!

Repopulating ant colonies is also possible. During the queen’s lifetime, workers can live up to seven years, while the queen lives 30 years. 

Although you may be tempted to eradicate ants on your own, hiring a professional will be the most effective way to do so. The ants will sometimes leave for several days before reappearing in increased numbers. Sprays or repellent insecticides can be used to kill the insects you’re seeing, but they won’t solve the problem’s core cause. Only a small portion of the ants in the nest may be seen. Ants can smell these sprays and divide or bud their colonies as a result. This will almost always make things worse. An ant colony can have a large number of ants, but only those who come into contact with the spray will die. Although there are some bait options, they aren’t as effective as professional baits. To eradicate your problem, utilize our knowledge and experience. 

Ant Exterminators St Charles

An ant infestation necessitates a multifaceted solution. Hundreds of ants may be visible, but there could be many more in the nest. Our technicians not only destroy visible ants but also trace the colonies back and eradicate the remainder of them. It’s critical to address the issue at its source as fast and effectively as possible.

Our experts have extensive experience finding and controlling ants. Our staff can develop a plan to get rid of these pests from your home swiftly. 


Pezz Pest Control can assist you to get rid of ants in your house. The outside nest, on the other hand, must be treated with insecticide. We use detergent to seal cracks and crevices to prevent pheromones from entering. Then, all around them, we apply residual pesticides.

We will locate and eliminate ant nests to rid you of indoor ants.

Ants are a nuisance, damaging and disfavored critter that no one wants in their homes. Once you see them, it’s essential to eliminate them instantly!

Our St Charles Ant Control Professionals: What can you expect from them?

One or two visits are usually sufficient to eradicate interior ant infestations.

We aren’t reliant on a single treatment, and different varieties of ants have different treatment choices.

You will be assessed according to your distinctive condition by the expert.

We test all formulations of pesticides, so we are not tied to any particular chemical.