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Are you unable to manage wildlife issues?

Is your home a haven for wild animals or a haven for wild animals? Do you have a problem with wild animals invading your home? Are you experiencing bat or bird problems in your attic?

During the night, wild creatures may be producing unusual noises in your attic. Wild animals have the potential to spread diseases and wreak havoc on structures. I’m not sure how that’s even possible.

Your house is more than just a shelter for your pets. Animals can cause structural damage to your property if they are not dealt with quickly. It may even be irreversible in rare cases. During a wildlife infestation, our crew recognizes the necessity of maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Exclusion shall be done in a timely, efficient, and humane manner.

Pezz Pest Control will provide the security your home needs. Our wildlife removal specialists in St Charles can offer a quick, safe and effective solution.

Does wildlife pose a threat
to humans?

St Charles’s wild animals are able to adapt to our homes and thrive. Some wildlife has found attics to be a great place for them to call home. Others find shelter under porches or homes. These animals often cause harm. We get most calls from homeowners who hear the animals running around in their attic and walls. The majority of damage to homes or attics cannot be seen. Squirrels and rats love to gnaw on wires. Many times, we find that electrical wires have their coatings chewed or removed by the critters. This greatly increases the chance of house fires and short circuits.

When wild animals enter your home from the outside, they can pose a number of dangers. Contact with infected bats is the most prevalent cause of rabies death among Americans, according to the CDC. In fact, bats are responsible for seven out of every 10 cases of rabies in the United States. Bat bites and scrapes are not as well-known. They can also be small, which makes them easier to overlook. However, even if the injuries appear small, they might nonetheless spread rabies. Bats, raccoons, and skunks are the most commonly trapped wildlife species in St Charles, making them the most likely carriers of rabies.

Many animals can leave urine and droppings in the attic, or create mold problems or other odor problems. Raccoons and other wildlife such as birds, bats, and opossums can spread many diseases. Humans could catch Salmonella and Leptospirosis. With their droppings, parasites, and other contaminating materials, raccoons could cause severe contamination of an attic. Even animals not infected by diseases may pose health hazards as they can leave behind feces and germ-laden material as they travel through your house.

The exterior can also be cared for by wildlife animals. An animal that digs a hole near your house, a rat that eats your pet food, or an opossum residing beneath your deck could all be problems. Animals may wreak havoc on your garden or landscaping. Perhaps you’re afraid of snakes. Whatever the problem, wildlife experts can help you solve it and prevent it from happening again.

Our wildlife professionals are committed to the city of St Charles. Our crew specializes in St Charles animal control solutions. Everything is possible with us, including large-scale projects like commercial bat control and snake removal.

These are the most common places where wild animals can infest your home:

Only specialists should handle yellowjackets. You can detect a Yellowjacket nest by watching for yellowjacket movement ang ongoing activity in an open area throughout the day. When threatened or provoked, they can sting aggressively. They can also sting several times. A Yellowjacket will be bothered if it hears loud vibrations. Yellowjackets nest in holes or openings . You can find them nesting in walls, crawl spaces, and between floors. In the case of a hole in your house, do not seal the opening or spray over-the-counter pesticide inside, as this will cause the insects to swarm back in your house.
For signs of wild animals holes, inspect the trim board, roof, and siding.
A flashlight will be required to inspect the attic for evidence of animal attacks. The intersection of the trim and the roof, as well as the exhaust vents, should be inspected. Make sure your attic lights are turned off and that there are no light leaks through them. This is one method of locating attic holes. Keep in mind that animals don’t usually pass through holes during bad weather, so you may need to inspect these holes all year. Bats can be difficult to notice, so proceed with caution. Look for bat pellets in the attic. If they are touched, they can easily fall to the floor. You can check where the holes are by going out with bats in the evening.
Squirrels and other small animals can leap from trees to make holes in your roof.
You should inspect the chimney flue. Also, check the damper or smoke shelf to see if there are any signs of animal activity. The chimney flue can be inspected from the roof. If there is no evidence of animals around the chimney, you may consider installing a chimney cap.

Management of Wildlife

You can have wildlife removed from your property and home safely and humanely.

It is difficult to remove wildlife from your home. However, it can be accomplished efficiently and humanely. While trapping is often enough to get rid of an animal, it can sometimes be difficult for some animals to be removed. In other cases, special traps are necessary. It doesn’t matter how you remove the animal, sealing all entrances to your home is crucial so no other wildlife could enter.

Faced with a Wildlife Animal? What should you do if you encounter wildlife animals?

Practices that are The Best For Wildlife
Wildlife should be handled by an expert. We will remove wild animals that have come into touch with humans or pets, test their health, and then transport them to a rabies center. Here are some of the most effective methods for dealing with them:

You will have to make a safe area for rats in your backyard if you want them to stay away.

You can do this by strengthening your fencing or gating to make it ratproof. You will be able to keep the rats out of your backyard and back staircases.

Open doors and windows and turn on lights.

For assistance in removing wildlife from your home, call Wildlife Control St Charles.

Be aware of where the wildlife is located so we can capture and locate it.
Avoid contact with wildlife.
Keep the wildlife away from pets and people who may be in close proximity. The wildlife will be removed and we’ll help you assess the risk of disease exposure.

Pezz Pest Control specializes in both commercial and residential wildlife control and provides full-service wildlife management services in St Charles, MO. Our licensed wildlife control company can handle practically every facet of wildlife management and resolve human-animal conflicts in a professional and ethical manner.