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Wildlife Control St Charles Locals Need

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Let Pezz Pest Control find the solution to all of your wildlife control needs.

Does your home seem to be a haven for wildlife? Do you have problems with animals, such as bats or birds invading your attic? Are you hearing unusual noises in your attic? Wildlife in St. Charles poses many risks of spreading diseases and causing structural damage to your investment. The exterior of your property can also be treated for wildlife animals. Animals may wreak havoc on your garden or landscaping. Perhaps you’re afraid of snakes. Whatever the problem, our wildlife control St Charles experts can help you solve it and prevent it from happening again.

Pezz Pest Control understands the importance of wildlife control needed to maintain the structural integrity of your home during a wildlife infestation. We provide timely, efficient, and humane removal and exclusion services to address the issue.

While trapping is often not enough to get rid of an animal, other techniques may be necessary. We have experts who are specifically licensed and trained in wildlife control St Charles has a high demand for. It doesn’t matter how you remove the animal, exclusion work will be necessary on your home so no other wildlife can find their way in. 

Wildlife Pest Control St Charles
St Charles Wildlife Pest Control


St Charles Wildlife Control In Your Walls And Attic

St Charles’s wild animals are able to adapt to our homes and thrive. Some wildlife has found attics to be a great place for them to call home. Others find shelter under porches or homes. These animals often cause harm. We get most calls from homeowners who hear the animals running around in their attic and walls. The majority of damage to homes or attics cannot be seen. Squirrels and rats love to gnaw on wires. Many times, we find that electrical wires have their coatings chewed or removed by the critters. This greatly increases the chance of house fires and short circuits.

When wild animals enter your home from the outside, they can pose a number of dangers. Contact with infected bats is the most prevalent cause of rabies death among Americans, according to the CDC. That’s why it is important to call Pezz for effective St Charles wildlife control. In fact, bats are responsible for seven out of every 10 cases of rabies in the United States. Bat bites and scrapes are not as well-known. They can also be small, which makes them easier to overlook. However, even if the injuries appear small, they might nonetheless spread rabies. Bats, raccoons, and skunks are the most commonly trapped wildlife species in St Charles, making them the most likely carriers of rabies.

Many animals can leave urine and droppings in the attic, or create mold problems or other odor problems. Raccoons and other wildlife such as birds, bats, and opossums can spread many diseases. Humans could catch Salmonella and Leptospirosis. With their droppings, parasites, and other contaminating materials, raccoons could cause severe contamination of an attic. Even animals not infected by diseases may pose health hazards as they can leave behind feces and germ-laden material as they travel through your house.