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St Charles Termite Treatment

Termites are known as the Silent Destroyers since the colonies and the damage they leave are rarely seen. Safeguard your home from the havoc they leave behind.

What damage might termites cause to your home? Termites infest over 600,000 properties each year causing more than $5 billion in damage in the United States. Termite damage is more common than the damage caused by storms, fires, or earthquakes. Homeowner’s insurance, on the other hand, rarely covers it.

The termite’s nests are usually not noticed by most people unless there is an attempt to remove infested timber. However, termites can live for a long time and may lay thousands of eggs in their lifetime. They look like tiny white caviar eggs. Although the eggs look similar to termites, the nymphs hatch much smaller than their counterparts.

A termite colony does not necessarily reside in one house. The subterranean termite colonies are often found under or near the street. The termite colony will send branches to all food sources, so the termites can live there for as long as they like. One colony can infest many homes by way of their tunnel network.

What are the signs that you might have termites?

Pezz Pest Control is committed to preventing termite infestations in St Charles and the surrounding areas. Termites can be found in all areas of your house, including floors, furniture, walls, and pictures.

They are able to survive on any form of cellulose (plant material). Termites are attracted to untreated wood. They’ll also eat decaying wood, soil, and the remains of dead trees. Their mandibles, which are capable of breaking down cellulose materials, can also be used to destroy houses.

Most times, the wings of these insects may be seen in the crevices of or along a window sill. Termites may have lost their wings to make it easier for them to burrow into your home if this is the case. Mud tubes may be found if moist wood termites are present. These mud tubes can be found on the outside of your house or in crawl areas, as well as on wooden beams. Call a professional termite exterminator like Pezz Pest Control if you suspect that termites may be present.

Wood that has been termite damaged may appear crushed or soft to the touch when tapped with a screwdriver. The termites prefer to eat the softest parts of wood, so the damage is usually parallel with the grain. You will find mud-like material that is similar to mud tubes, lining damaged wood.

Underground termites are found in colonies that have sufficient moisture to sustain them. They build roads known as “mud tubes” through the soil, which connect their colony with food sources. You may see mud tubes coming from the ground on foundation walls, patios, and porches. Mud tubes can also be visible through cracks in concrete slabs.

Termite Inspection Services

Termite inspections are performed by Pezz Pest Control specialists. In regions where termites are active, special above-ground bait stations may be required. Above-ground bait stations can be removed once termites have been eradicated.

The Eastern subterranean termite, a major commercial pest of timber, has caused millions of dollars in damage to the area. More than one-fifth of residences in moderate or high-activity zones are thought to have been attacked by these tiny, hungry insects. Termites wreak havoc on property valued at hundreds of millions of dollars each year. In the United States, this equates to more than 2 million residences.

Cellulose, which is found in books, wood, papers, insulation, and liners of the pool, is the termite’s primary food source. Although they can damage living plants and trees, termites are more commonly a secondary intruder to woody plants that have already begun to fall.

It is important to note that although buildings may become infested at any moment by termites, it’s especially important when purchasing or selling a home to get a termite inspection report or infestation report to make sure that termites are not an issue. 

Termites can’t distinguish between your home and a dead tree. They will follow cracks and crevices in your house if they find your foundation during foraging. 

Before approving the closing, banks and other financial institutions should conduct termite and other wood-destroying pest inspections. The Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report is a document created by a pest treatment firm such as ours that informs buyers and lending institutions about termite damage.

To better identify wood-destroying insects in the structure, a written WDIIR will be created. Upon completion of the inspection, the report may be submitted or delivered to the necessary parties. 

Termite Treatment services

There are many factors that can lead to termite infestations. Treatments for termites include liquid control, baiting systems, or a combination of both.

Many people ask us which treatment we prefer if we had to treat our own home. We’d apply non-repellent materials using the rod trenching and drilling method. The revolutionary non-repellent chemical treatment is undetectable. Termites can’t see, smell or taste the chemical, so they cannot avoid it. They ingest the chemical and pass it on to their nestmates. Termites who contact the chemical will then transfer it to any other termites they encounter. Eventually, all exposed termites will die before they can infest a structure.

The chemical we use has a unique mechanism of action and a longer residual life cycle. This allows us to control colonies more quickly than baiting systems. The chemical works immediately to eliminate termites from your home and surroundings. 

Root causes are addressed, not just symptoms

Our staff will collaborate closely with you to improve the sustainability and health of your environment. We’ll figure out the most efficient strategy to solve your termite issue.

Not individual termites, but the entire termite colony will be eradicated.
Termite bait stations are installed in your soil by Pezz Pest Control. Termites will encounter this bait technology right away by entering stations containing the active substance. They will share it with other termites until the colony dies.

To protect your property against termite infestations in the future, we will continue monitoring and baiting stations. Unlike other chemical treatments that can be used to control termites that will eventually become ineffective after a while, this baiting station approach is effective as long as it remains active.

Termite stations are strategically positioned throughout the home to remove termites and prevent new infestations. It’s less disruptive than traditional termite treatments, and it won’t affect your house, family, or landscaping.

  • The soil beneath and around your house does not need to be injected with any chemical solution
  • We don’t need chemical solution tankers
  • Floors and foundations do not require drilling
  • Hassle-free scheduling system

If there is no sign of termites in my home, is it really necessary to be concerned about Termite Treatment in St Charles?

St Charles is located in an area of Missouri that is susceptible to termite infestation. Every day, houses across the state are subjected to insider attacks. Preventive termite treatment is an excellent way to safeguard your house against termites and avoid the millions of dollars in damage that they cause each year in St. Louis. Termites can infest most homes and go undetected until significant damage has been done.

Termites cut a bite out of your biggest investment!

Pezz Pest Control is your local termite expert, offering both preventative and curative treatments to rid your house of termites.

Termite inspections are performed for homeowners selling their houses, refinancing their mortgage loans, or refinancing a VA loan. Our team will provide you with all of the necessary papers. Customers who are enrolled in one of our maintenance programs receive complimentary inspections for wood-destroying insects at every visit. This ensures that you have the best possible protection against these pests.