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With over 300 species of fleas and ticks in the United States, the most common fleas are dog fleas, cat fleas, oriental rat fleas, and even human fleas. 

On the other hand, Ticks not only harm your dogs and pets but may also contract Lyme disease to humans! Pezz Pest Control, a top-rated Wentzville flea and tick extermination company wants to help protect homeowners and businesses.

Flea & Tick Treatment

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Flea & Tick Control


How to Control Flea & Ticks

Aside from establishing a parasitic relationship with your furry pets, Fleas and Ticks can also be seen infesting in:
1. Carpets
2. Sleeping quarters
3. Couches in the lounging areas
4. High humidity environment.

To prevent fleas, the commonly accepted techniques are:
1. Using anti-flea shampoo for your dogs, cats, and furry pets
2. Hot cycling your laundry
3. Vacuuming the carpets regularly

There is nothing Pezz Pest Control can’t handle especially for pests like Fleas and Ticks at home. With our proven and tested tick and flea Heat Treatment technology, we can perform complete eradication of all their life stages so you don’t need to worry about them coming back.

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