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Flea & Tick Treatment

Two things are well-known about fleas, the tendency to itchy our pets and their ability to jump into the air.

Two types of pests most well-known to pet owners are ticks and fleas.

Ticks and fleas, parasitic pests that feed on blood, are capable of biting. These unpleasant parasites feed on blood and cannot thrive without a host. Fleas rarely grow more than an inch long and can mix in with practically any sort of fur, even that of dogs and cats. Fleas are a reliable food source since they will often stick to the host they have invaded. Small rodents, such as dogs and cats, make great hosts since they can produce a lot of blood while their fur provides shelter, protection, and camouflage from predators. This means that thousands, hundreds, or even millions of small animals could have made their way into your home, posing a threat to both you and your pets.

They can cause severe itching and pain for pets. They can bite not only animals but also humans.
Because they are so tiny and sneaky, fleas and ticks can live in your house for years before you even notice it. Pezz Pest Control can conduct a thorough home inspection. We will locate all tick and flea hotspots in your house, as well as determine the reason for their presence. Then, we will create a plan to eliminate the entire infestation.

Flea Invasion: Get the facts

Flea bites affect people in different ways. From slight irritation to severe red lumps and rash-like itching, there are several options. Cats and dogs, as well as rabbits, birds, and deer, all have ticks and fleas. The cat flea is the most common flea species.

The cat flea is a parasite that can be found in dogs, cats, and raccoons, among other mammals. Adults are little, wingless insects with a size range of 1/12 inch to 1/8 inch. They have the ability to leap up to six inches, but they are unable to fly. Their flat body and spines let them to move through the fur with ease.

What makes fleas so successful in attaching to their hosts? Fleas are most commonly seen in overgrown shrubs and neglected landscapes. Fleas can be found in untended backyards in natural settings. It’s probable that your dog will pick up fleas if you take a long stroll through the woods with them and they opt to play in the soil and other shrubs. Fleas can jump onto a host and aggravate the condition because of their strong back legs. Fleas have the ability to jump as high as six football fields or more, which is nearly human height.

The life cycle of fleas

A flea’s life cycle is characterized by transformation. This life is divided into four stages. Fleas begin their life cycle by laying eggs on their host. Flea eggs can land on the host’s resting or sleeping places. This results in a serious infestation.

The flea eggs hatch into larvae that resemble worms after a short period of time. Adult fleas’ digested blood, as well as hair and skin from dead skin, are consumed by the larvae. Because the larvae are commonly located near cracks or gaps in the flooring and in sheltered areas, vacuuming is ineffective in killing them. Depending on the species of flea, it will only last a few days. Larvae can progress through several stages.

The larvae then create a pupa or a type of cocoon. The pupae attach to carpet or hair fibers, making it difficult for them to be removed by combing or vacuuming. Although the larvae spend only a few weeks at their pupal stage, they can develop into adult fleas. If there is no host nearby, however, it may stay dormant for several weeks until it detects vibration, heat, and pressure from being stepped or rolled onto by an animal.

This is the fourth stage in the life of the flea. The adult fleas seek out blood meals which are necessary for reproduction and egg production. Fleas then can lay as many as 20 eggs per day. This could result in 600 or more eggs per flea. These fleas bite. Adult fleas look small and are hardened, reddish-brown, flattened, and dark-reddish brown. Adult fleas may grow up to 13 inches.

Tick Invasions

Ticks can also be annoying for our pets and can pose a problem for us humans. Ticks can carry diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and other conditions, unlike fleas. Tick bites can cause serious problems for your health. It is important to treat a tick problem as quickly as possible for the good of both your own health and that of your furry friends.

Dog ticks are distinguished by their flat oval bodies that are brownish-white with gray patterns. They estimate that they are 5/8 inch long by 3/8 inch wide. They favor dogs as hosts, although they can also eat humans.

In the meantime, the black-legged tick, often known as the deer tick or white-tailed deer tick, is still active. They are, however, drawn to any host, including humans and dogs. Their reddish-brown bodies contrast with their dark legs. The males and females of these ticks are both around 1/8 inch in length.

Our goal is to eradicate fleas and ticks wherever they hide

There are many factors that can lead to termite infestations. Treatments for termites include liquid control, baiting systems, or both.

Professionals from Pezz Pest Control will come to your home to assess the infestation. If necessary, they will spray the perimeter or apply residual pesticides to the entire property. To control the parasites, we may need to treat both the interior and exterior of your home for rodents. Ticks and fleas are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of our pets and people. Because they are so little, these pests can be difficult to identify and eradicate. Flea and tick eradication is a time-consuming task that demands patience, diligence, and persistence. If you want to get rid of ticks and fleas, you should hire a specialist. Pezz Pest Control understands how aggravating these bugs can be. They can be eliminated from your home or office in St Charles.
You might be tempted if you are dealing with a flea infestation in your house to do it yourself. We recommend that you hire a professional to exterminate fleas before you try. Many homeowners who call us to get flea treatment have failed in their attempts to fix the problem. In general, homeowners have a difficult time eliminating fleas from their homes because fleas have many characteristics.
Pezz Pest Control will assist with any tick or flea infestation. Our team is well-versed in tick and flea behavior and will take care of your problem swiftly. We provide complete peace of mind through industry-proven, effective, and robust solutions. We promise your complete happiness with every service we do, so you can relax knowing that your property is in good hands. Our team of industry specialists can assist you in keeping ticks and fleas away from your house and family.