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The importance of bees in our natural environment should be highlighted at the outset of this information. Bee pollen is utilized to aid plant growth and flowering, as well as to assist maintain our natural surroundings green. The problem is that if bees form a hive near your house, it could be dangerous for your friends and family. Despite the fact that stinging insects are good for the ecosystem, they should be kept away from your family and house.

People are frequently terrified of getting stung by insects, which is understandable. Whether they have been traumatized by getting stung as a youngster or have been frightened by a severe sting as an adult.

You probably won’t think of them as being dangerous when you consider wasps and hornets. Some species are more aggressive than others. Pezz Pest Control is the best choice for your wasp and bee control. 

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Bees are zealous defenders of their colonies. Bees can attack intruders without hesitation, even though they aren’t as ferocious as wasps and hornets. If a bee nest is found in a child’s yard, it may cause complications. Bee stings can trigger severe allergic reactions and even death.

Stinging insects like Yellowjackets and wasps bring thousands of people to the emergency department every year. The majority of people do not have an allergic reaction to insect bites, however, there are exceptions. It’s possible to have a minor or severe allergic reaction. Nests of wasps and bees, if not adequately handled, can produce mild irritation or severe allergic reactions. It is best to call a pest control professional if you suspect that the colony has invaded your home.

Their peak seasons are May and August. They nest in soffits and under or behind gutters. 

Pezz Pest Control Bee & Wasp Treatment

A complimentary inspection will be conducted at your home by one of our specialists. The exterminator from Pezz Pest Control will arrive completely equipped to deal with your problem. We’ll be able to determine where the bees are nesting, which will depend on the nature of the problem. The specialist will then be able to remove or eliminate the problem for your safety and health. If a nest is discovered, the technician will treat it before removing it. The bee is a flying insect related to wasps and ants that is best recognized for its pollination abilities. Honey and wax are also produced by European honeybees, which are the most well-known species.

Pezz Pest Control experts can eliminate the bees if they aren’t honeybees. Beekeepers get called on every year to provide advice about the removal of honeybees, and other pests, from buildings and homes. Honey bees cannot be eradicated. Honey Bee Removal, however, involves relocating bees from one location to another. 

Getting Rid of Bees and Wasps

It can be hard to determine if you have bee or wasp problems. However, our pest control experts at Pezz Pest Control will make this easy. You may have a problem with bees if they are nesting in your walls or near your house.

Pezz Pest Control is a professional pest control company that can safely remove the bee infestation as well as take preventative measures to prevent them from returning or colonizing.

Around commercial properties, bees, wasps, and other stinging pests may form nests. This can be an issue for both employees and customers. Hornets and wasps may wreak havoc on trash cans, trees, and plants in search of sugar and protein. Restaurants and food processing industries are particularly vulnerable. It is worth taking extra efforts to safeguard your customers and employees from the threats posed by pricking pests, regardless of the type of business you manage. It is important that you work with a licensed expert to handle dangerous tasks such as hornets and wasps taking over your yard. 

Only specialists should handle yellowjackets. You can detect a Yellowjacket nest by watching for yellowjacket movement ang ongoing activity in an open area throughout the day. When threatened or provoked, they can sting aggressively. They can also sting several times. A Yellowjacket will be bothered if it hears loud vibrations. Yellowjackets nest in holes or openings . You can find them nesting in walls, crawl spaces, and between floors. In the case of a hole in your house, do not seal the opening or spray over-the-counter pesticide inside, as this will cause the insects to swarm back in your house.

Termite stations are strategically positioned throughout the home to remove termites and prevent new infestations. It’s less disruptive than traditional termite treatments, and it won’t affect your house, family, or landscaping.

  • The soil beneath and around your house does not need to be injected with any chemical solution
  • We don’t need chemical solution tankers
  • Floors and foundations do not require drilling
  • A hassle-free scheduling system

Hornets belong to the wasp family and are one of the most aggressive stinging insect among all. Hornets will attack if threatened or provoked. It can be difficult and dangerous to remove a nest by yourself. The nesting season begins around mid-July, and continues until November. A nest of paper balls is built by Hornets. It can be anywhere from 6 to 30 inches in diameter. A nest as large as a basketball can be constructed by hornets in 7-10 days. Common nesting areas include roof tops, sundeck overhangs and trees.

Carpenter bees help with pollination in a big way. They can, however, be harmful. Porch ceilings and cedar siding have been harmed by them. Carpenter bees may suggest that you need to repaint or stain certain portions of your home. To discourage them from nesting, a thick coat of paint can be applied to any exposed wood. Bees can’t chew through a well-painted wooden surface because it’s too hard. Carpenter bees are particularly deadly to homeowners who have cedar trim or shake on their homes. The best strategy to keep carpenter bees at bay, in the long run, is to repaint or stain the afflicted wood. It’s possible that specific blossoms can be removed. Caulking, which is hard for them to gnaw through makes it a good way to repair damage caused by nesting activity and prevent further nests. Ideally, it is best not to caulk the holes for several days after they have been treated. The procedure will allow any bees that were not present during treatment to reach the product. When entry points are not sealed properly, carpenter bees may return to the area. 

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Do DIY Bee & Wasp Control Methods Work?

Is DIY Removal a Good Idea?

During the winter months, nests that have been abandoned or are empty may not be safe to touch. As the weather warms up in the summer, these pests will become more prevalent. It’s a good idea to contact Pezz Pest Control to have them handled by experts. Even if there are loads of information accessible on how to get rid of them, you may always seek assistance from a professional.

Despite the fact that some varieties of bees might be beneficial in terms of pest management and hunting, others can irritate and even kill people with allergies. A beehive close to or inside your home offers a greater threat. It is best not to attempt to eliminate a nest in your own home. Because of the distance between nest entrance and interior, many commercial insecticides that are widely available in the market do not work. 

You might be tempted to attempt to eliminate the nest by yourself. Or, you may feel safer to leave it alone and not risk these perilous creatures. These temptations should not be allowed to last. Although a nest may appear little and manageable, it can be highly busy, making DIY removal impossible. However, looks can be deceiving at times. Only trained technicians should remove a wasp nest. If a nest is disturbed, everyone in close vicinity to it is at risk of being attacked.

If you don’t take care of the nest, it could become an issue for you and your pets. They can be grabbing tasty delicacies at your picnic or buzzing about your rubbish. It’s possible that a youngster or pet will unintentionally disturb the nest. This could result in catastrophic and even fatal effects.

Bee & Wasp Nests: Long-term Treatment

Then what happens when the nest starts again? No worries. Pezz Pest Control will return to your house as many times as necessary. We provide a treatment plan that protects you and your family against new pests or their new infestations.

You can rest assured that we will send a qualified technician to your home. 

In many cases, we can begin treating your problem with bee or wasp on the same day you call. Simply give us a call.

100 % Guaranteed Bee & Wasp Control – Our pest control program was designed by Bee & Wasp control St Charles specialists.

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